The Monkey Design Club: Land NFT [Sold Out]


The Monkey Design Club is the collection of 5,555 unique 3D characters on the Solana Blockchain. A TMDC NFT is representative of the character of the ecosystem And a TMDC-X is the digital form of the land on the TMDC World. It has also a limited supply of 4,444 which will be minted on the 26th of April

TMDC (The Monkey Design Club) is an Ecosystem based on the metaverse. They will build TMD-Planet on the metaverse, where a creator can easily tokenize financial assets into digital assets. Like, you can collect crypto of your own or property. Items, fan picks, lands, etc.

They will introduce a $TMDC token which will be the currency of the TMD-Planet on the metaverse. It can be used for every transaction done on TMD-Planet. You can trade NFTs, merchandise, and many more. A user can own assets as well as utilize them for passive income.

Their long-term vision starts with the development of an application that will connect every member of their community. The application will help you in making passive income although it is a helping hand of yours in the metaverse.

The Mint and Supply of TMDC-X

In TMDC, there are two collections of the NFTs. The first collection is the TMDC NFTs which is the representative of the ecosystem. And the second collection is the TMDC-X which is a virtual form of the lands on the ecosystem.

The minting of TMDC NFTs is already completed. The minting of the second collection, which is TMDC-X will be on the 26th of April 2022. A collection of 4,444 Unique TMDC-X will be minted on the minting website of The Monkey Design Club. Here are the full details of minting below.

Minting Date:-  26th of April is selected as the mint date for minting TMDC-C (Land).

Mint Time:-  To satisfy most of the time zones across the world 20:00 UTC is chosen as the mint time for Whitelisted members and 20:30 UTC is the time for the Public Mint. 

OG & Whitelist:- There is only one role for presale which is the role of Whitelist. The total number of WL is not revealed. Whitelist places are filling too fast but you can have one of them. To know how? Keep reading. 

Supply:- The total supply of The Monkey Design Club Land NFT is 4,444.

Mint price:- The reasonable mint price is the amount of Sol equivalent to $250.

Limit of Minting:- There is no limit to minting. Anyone can mint as much as they want until the supply lasts.

The minting process will be held on the TMDC’s minting website on the said date and time.

Listing on the Secondary Market

The first collection, The Monkey Design Club NFTs are already listed on the major marketplaces. This collection is listed on Magic Eden, Solanart, and SolSea.

Also, the second collection, The Monkey Design Club Land AKA TMDC-X will be listed on these marketplaces just after mint as soon as possible. Moreover, they are opening their own marketplace on the TMDC Planet.

The Roadmap of The Monkey Design Club

The project starts with the launch of TMDC NFTs. which is the leading character in their metaverse. The minting of 5,555 Unique TMDC NFT will begin the project’s journey. After the completion of the minting process, they will list the collection on the NFT marketplaces.

After that, they will introduce their utility token $TMDC which will be the only currency of their TMDC Planet. Users can use this $TMDC Token for all kinds of transactions on the planet. $TMDC Token can be earned in various ways.

They will drop a free Spray Bombs to the holders of TMDC NFTs on a FCFS (First Come, First Serve) basis. These Spray Bombs turn TMDC NFTs into a different level of the rare collection of 1/1 customized design. You can stake these NFTs and earn rewards in their utility $TMDC Token.

Minting of TMDC Land

The second round of minting will begin from here. The Unique second collection of 4,444 TMDC-X will be minted on the 26th of April 2022. After the minting, they will list the second collection on the marketplace.

Also, a drop of $TMDC Token will be dropped to each holder of TMDC-X (Land) and TMDC NFT holders. A holder will be able to receive 63 $TMDC Tokens for each NFT he is holding at that point in time. ( A NFT listed on the marketplace is not regarded as a hold NFT. user needs to first unlist NFT from the marketplace before snapshot to receive Tokens.).

Further, The TMDC and Spray bomb holders will be able to re-built NFT with a Limited Edition Background by burning the Spray bomb.

They will also donate a part of the minting funds. And Further details of the TMDC world will be provided in this phase. And Finally, the Launch of TMD Planet. 

This is not the end, the holders will get further drops from the team. The Free Background NFT will be dropped for the holders of any of the collections.

The Monkey Design Club NFT, Spray Bomb, and Staking of NFT

The Monkey Design Club NFT

The Monkey Design Club is a set of 5,555 precise 3-D characters rendered as NFTs on Solana. This NFT is a consultant man or woman of the ecosystem, and it’s going to cause the destiny of the metaverse. It will join customers to manufacturers and creators in fashion, music, art, video games, and NFTs or even offer a manner to earn income.

The Spray Bomb and Its Benefits

With 1:1 customized designs, spray bombs take TMDC NFTs to the next level. As a result, NFTs will become rarer and interest rates will rise when users decide to stake their sprayed tokens for $TMDC tokens.

Benefits of Spray Bomb
  1. Once the staking starts, holding the revealed NFTs will get the holders the highest interest rate than others.
  2. The rarity of the 555 revealed NFTs will increase. 
  3. After revealing NFT, the holders of 555 will receive 20% of TMDC NFT royalty + 20% of Land royalties. 
  4. After the reveal, you will receive a TMDC Merchandise.

Staking of TMDC NFT

Staking is always a way to earn passive income in crypto without selling your assets. In TMDC, a holder who stakes his NFT will receive $TMDC Token as the reward for staking.
However, staking is not the only way to earn a reward. There are other ways too. A holder will have the opportunity of starting his own business or he can also invest in other projects.

When a holder stakes his NFT, he will be placed in their smart contract for up to 365 days. Once a holder stake, it will only be able to unstake after 14 days.

TMDC Staking will hold a place on their website:

The Monkey Design Club Land AKA TMDC-X

The TMDC World basically consists of 3 parts. Monke Mines, Atelier, and Casino Mono.

Monke Mines

TMDC Monke Mines is the game version of NFT staking and it is playable in the unique and unexplored maps of TMDC World. The map is made up of 22 areas. Areas will be unlocked one after another based on discovery speed. Anyone who wants to explore TMDC World can enjoy this game with a TICKET.

This game is based on discovering the hidden properties of a single planet. TMDC mines are a very valuable area where users can mine and earn $TMDC tokens. TMDC Mines spans the TMDC World, filled with hidden messages, puzzles, riddles, and mystery boxes.

To earn $TMDC Token one can join quests and by completing quests he can earn reward tokens. A certain amount of tokens is reserved for the user who engages in quests. Also by crafting a new NFT through different ingredients present on the metaverse. The crafter NFT will be unique and can be traded within the metaverse. If you want to know about crafting a NFT with different ingredients then you must read this post.


In this part of the land products from different categories are present. fashion, architecture, interior/exterior design, or even advertisement design can be used as tradable items.If you are an artist, musician, or a performer then can concert, exhibition, or performance would be arranged and you can earn by them.

By the means of auctions, one can sell/buy different tradable items in this part of the TMDC World. Also, you can purchase lands, buildings, and residential areas to increase your assets. And generate income by renting and leasing your assets.

Casino Mono

Our third TMDC World property will be an entertainment casino. This will be a way for holders to have fun and win at the same time! With TMDC as your avatar, your role will be that of a player.

In Mono Casino, all players will be considered nobles with high social status. Players will use $TMDC tokens to play and will also be rewarded with tokens every time they win.

Since $TMDC tokens are play money, players should convert Solana coins to $TMDC in the exchange center that will be in our metaverse. In our Mono Casino, players will be able to interact, play games and gamble with each other.

$TMDC: The Utility Token

In the TMDC Land, $TMDC Tokens will be used to purchase products and services. Additionally, it is used for encouraging content creation and user engagement to bootstrap the first virtual world.

Tokens will also serve as an economic incentive for members of our community to stay active in the community and stimulate the development of the metaverse.
Incentivizing the use of tokens accelerates the growth of TMD-Planet and increases the token’s value.

Wallet and the Blockchain


you can use any Hot wallet for the minting process as well as for Staking processs.
The list of supported wallets is listed below:

  • Phantom
  • Solflare
  • Solflare Web
  • Sollet
  • Sollet Extension

Why Solana Blockchain is selected?

The team has chosen the Solana Blockchain because of the following reasons:

  1. Solana blockchain is mainly designed for gaming purposes. In the gaming ecosystem, there is a high demand for transactions and fast processing speed. Solana platform runs on powerful nodes that allow a fast transaction in a few milliseconds.
  2. The affordability of this blockchain makes it more useful for the gaming environment. It uses PoS in spite of Pow. It has a relatively low gas fee as compared to other blockchains.
  3. Solana blockchain produces fewer carbon footprints as compared to other blockchains. As we know blockchain is based on cryptography so it requires powerful computers to process a transaction.

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