The Working Dead: Revolutionizing Learning with NFTs

Introducing The Working Dead

The Working Dead is an innovative and ambitious project that uses the power of NFTs and blockchain technology to create a truly unique and exciting cross-chain learning platform. With a mission to combine stunning art with an impressive style,

The Working Dead wants to create something special: a platform where individuals and communities can learn new skills, share knowledge, and offer unprecedented monetization models to their content creators. Pushing the boundaries of NFTs and blockchain technology in education.

the working dead

It has an ecosystem token named $WORK which can be earned by staking the NFTs. The Working Dead takes you on an exciting journey. Discover durable platforms that enable learning, nurture connections, and open new possibilities. Experience the future of learning with The Working Dead!

Supply, Mint, and Secondary Market of The Working Dead

The Genesis Collection

The project Working Dead has currently two collections of NFTs. The first and Genesis collection of Working Dead consists of 6,666 unique NFTs on the Cardano Blockchain. The Genesis collection is already minted. You can grab them on secondary from the below link.


The Genesis collection has 250+ unique hand-drawn traits which are blended and layered to form the unique art of The Working Dead collection. The Working Dead is a collection without limitations or compromise: just the pure, unfiltered vision of the artist.

The Bots and the Skulls

The secondary collection which is termed the Bot War project has 10,000 unique NFTs. The collection is mainly formed with the 5,000 randomly generated bots and 5,000 randomly generated Skulls. By holding and staking these NFTs one can earn $WORK. This collection will be minted on the 15th of June. The full details of the mint are given below

the skulls and bots

Mint Information

The mint details for the collection of 10,000 Bots and Mint Date:- 15th June 2023

Skulls are below for more details you can join The Working Dead Discord.

Mint Time:- 4:00 PM UTC for Whitelist Sale and 5:00 PM UTC for public sale.
Total Supply:- 10,000 (5,000 Bots and 5,000 Skulls)
Mint price:- The mint price in the public sale is fixed at 0.02 ETH and for Whitelist it is 0.015 ETH.
OG and Whitelist: The total quantity of whitelist and OG is not revealed. You can grab these roles by joining The Working Dead discord and mint the NFTs at a discounted price.
N.B:- One can mint the NFT by spending 3500 $WORK. Token but currently slots for this scheme is full. You can wait for it or can grab using ETH

The Secondary Market

The Working Dead team is committed to maximizing the exposure of their collection by listing it on prominent marketplaces. Once the minting process is complete, trading of The Working Dead NFTs will begin. The initial listings for The Working Dead will be available on Opensea and other renowned marketplaces.

To take part in the minting process, visit the dedicated website on the specified date. For more detailed information, consider joining their Discord community.

Discover the captivating world of The Working Dead, where unique NFTs await. Stay updated with the latest news and immerse yourself in this exciting project by exploring their presence on popular Ethereum marketplaces

Learning with The Working Dead Platform

Unlocking a New Paradigm of Incentives

Worked is a groundbreaking project dedicated to creating the next generation of blockchain-enabled learning platforms. By leveraging new technologies, they aim to unlock a whole new paradigm of incentives that reward both learners and creators in a fair manner. Their vision, known as “Learn And Earn,” will be built upon the Cardano network, promoting healthy daily learning habits.

Embracing Different Models: Learn, Play, and Move to Earn

Worked recognizes the value of time and attention in today’s world. They draw inspiration from successful models like play-to-earn (popularized by Axie Infinity) and move-to-earn (seen in fitness platforms like Sweatcoin). In addition, they introduce the learn-to-earn model, pioneered by Coinbase and Binance, where users are rewarded for completing educational content with native tokens. This approach expands the user base while providing value to the projects

Learn and Earn: Empowering Creators and Consumers

Worked’s learning ecosystem aims to empower both content creators and consumers. Through their platform called Worked, content creators can provide and monetize their own educational content, while learners can access and benefit from these resources. Active users will have the opportunity to earn $WORK tokens, enhancing engagement and gamifying the learning experience

the working dead

Alpha Version: Exclusive Access for $WORK Holders

To show appreciation to their token holders, Worked will initially grant exclusive access to the alpha version of their learning platform. This strategy ensures strong community support and offers unique benefits to $WORK holders.

Beta Version: Expanding the Platform

Worked has ambitious plans for the beta version, aiming to expand the platform’s usage and foster its growth. They will introduce gamification elements such as challenges and a bounty program, rewarding users for their contributions. The platform will also facilitate the conversion of $WORK tokens into other cryptocurrencies, enhancing convenience for users.


The roadmap for this unique NFT project consists of five phases, each with specific deliverables that contribute to the project’s success. The team is dedicated to completing each phase and aligning goals with the community’s expectations. Join them on this exciting adventure.

Phase 1: Building a Strong Community

– Bootstrap a vibrant community of aspiring builders and artists on the Cardano blockchain. (Completed)
– Launch the Genesis Collection, featuring 6,666 unique Skull NFTs.(Completed)

Phase 2: Sharing the Vision

– Release the Live paper, a document outlining the project’s vision and future plans.(Completed)
– Introduce the native $WORK token, the fuel of the ecosystem.(Completed)
– Launch the staking platform for the Genesis Collection, allowing holders to earn rewards.(Completed)

the working dead

Phase 3: Platform Development and Expansion

– Launch the AI. Robots collection on the Ethereum blockchain, expanding the project’s reach.
– Release the alpha version of the learning platform, offering initial features and functionality.
– Introduce the initial utilities of the $WORK token to enhance the platform’s ecosystem.
– Actively onboard more creators to contribute to the platform’s growth.
– Reward content creators and learners with $WORK tokens for their contributions.

Phase 4: Engaging the Community

– Organize engaging events like game jams and hackathons with $WORK prize pools.
– Implement challenges to test learners’ skills and reward them with $WORK tokens.
– Deploy innovative methods to further incentivize learning within the platform.
– Introduce future collections that can be minted using $WORK tokens.

The team is committed to achieving these milestones and welcomes you to be a part of their unique NFT project as they pave the way for a thriving community and innovative opportunities in the blockchain space.

Phase 5 is at the cooking stage

$WORK Token and Benefits of Holders


The $WORK token is the backbone of The Working Dead ecosystem, powering the Worked. platform. It can be earned by staking Working Dead NFTs, and its main goal is to create a healthy learning ecosystem where learners can set goals, acquire new skills, and earn rewards.

Content creators can monetize their courses on the platform, while learners earn $WORK by completing activities. The focus is on continuous platform growth and exploring the use of $WORK for minting future collections.

the working dead 2

Benefits of the Holders of The Working Dead

1. Airdrops: Holders of the Genesis Collection NFTs can participate in three $WORK airdrops by staking their NFTs for more than 90% of the time elapsed since the start of the event.
2. Staking Rewards: Workers who stake their NFTs receive daily $WORK rewards based on their role and the duration of staking. The longer the stake, the higher the rewards.
3. Role-Based Rewards: Different roles within the ecosystem earn varying amounts of $WORK per epoch. Rarer roles earn more tokens.
4. Rare Attribute Bonuses: NFTs with rare attributes earn additional $WORK rewards per epoch, based on the rarity of the attribute.
5. Guaranteed Daily Rewards: Workers can claim $WORK rewards on a daily basis, starting from the first day of staking.

By holding and staking The Working Dead NFTs, participants can benefit from airdrops, daily rewards, role-based earnings, and rare attribute bonuses, creating an engaging and rewarding experience within the project.

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