The Capital’s Solana Revolution: A Multi-Chain Future

Introducing The Capital

Step into a realm where 3,000 unique The Capital NFTs unlock a world brimming with opportunities. Each NFT, minted for just 1 $SOL, serves as more than a piece of digital art; it’s your all-access pass to an exclusive platform.

This platform, rich with analytical tools and features, is designed to elevate your experience in the digital domain.

This is the home page of The Capital platform.
Home Page of The Capital Platform

What makes The Capital stand out?

¬†At its heart is a commitment to innovation, ensuring it’s not just a haven for art lovers but a comprehensive guide for anyone ready to venture into the digital landscape.

Whether you’re captivated by the excitement of gambling with $SOL, the dynamics of trading NFTs and tokens, or the intricacies of digital asset analysis, The Capital has something for you.

It simplifies the complex world of digital economics, offering straightforward access to a variety of tools that aid in making well-informed decisions.

Mint Details of The Capital

Embark on your journey with The Capital’s exclusive NFT collection, comprising 3,000 unique pieces. Mark your calendars for the minting event on 20th February 2024, a pivotal moment to secure your digital asset.

Mint Schedule:

– OG Members: Get early access starting at 5:00 PM UTC, with the privilege to mint up to 3 NFTs.
– Whitelist (WL) Members: Exclusive minting opens at 6:00 PM UTC, also with the ability to mint up to 3 NFTs.
– Public Sale: Opens up to the wider community from 8:00 PM UTC, welcoming all to participate in this digital venture.

Collection Details:

– Total Supply: 3,000 NFTs
– Mint Price: Fixed at 1 $SOL across all phases.

OG and Whitelist Access:

– OG Members can mint at the beginning of the sale, while Whitelist Members have their exclusive slot, ensuring early access before the public sale.


For details on how to secure an OG or Whitelist spot for future opportunities, please proceed to the following section. This will guide you on myjoining The Capital community and enjoying the benefits of early access and exclusive minting prices.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this digital revolution with The Capital.

Marketplace and Blockchain

The team behind The Capital is dedicated to maximizing the reach of their collection by listing it on top-tier marketplaces. Following the minting phase, trading of The Capital NFTs will commence. Initially, The Capital NFTs will be listed on Magiceden and other leading marketplaces on the Solana blockchain.

To participate in the minting process, head to the dedicated website at the specified date and time. For more comprehensive details, consider joining The Capital’s Discord community.

Explore the enthralling universe of The Capital, where a plethora of unique NFTs awaits. Stay informed with the latest updates and immerse yourself in this thrilling endeavor by exploring their presence on Magiceden and other prominent Solana marketplaces.

A sneak peeks of The Capital NFT
Sneak-Peeks of The Capital's NFT

Tools and Features of The Capital

Protect Your NFT Investments with Easy Stop Loss

Make your NFT investments safer with our Stop Loss feature unlocked with The Capital NFT. It lets you choose different safety nets for your assets.

Get quick updates through Discord messages to stay on top of market trends. This alert system helps you make smart decisions, improving how you protect your NFTs and making you feel more secure about your investments.

Elevate Your NFT Strategy with The Capital

Discover The Capital’s platform, where strategic moves lead to rewarding outcomes. Earn points by achieving stop-loss goals, enhancing your journey with dynamic rewards. Dive into cross-chain exploration, accessing diverse NFT opportunities.

Compete as a Capital Sniper for prizes like $SOL and exclusive NFTs. Experience The Capital’s innovation in the Solana NFT marketplace, setting a new standard for digital asset trading.

The tracker of NFT in The Capitals
NFT Tracker

Boost Your Rewards with NFT Staking at The Capital

Secure your NFTs at The Capital and effortlessly gather Capital Points, experiencing an escalating multiplier effect with your increased engagement.

This carefully structured approach guarantees the optimization of your rewards, offering a direct correlation between your dedication and the benefits received.

As your Capital Points grow, unlock access to exclusive opportunities, including special raffles for $SOL, NFTs, tokens, and more, along with the chance to spin the Degen Wheel of Fortune or utilize advanced platform features.

The Capital's Team: Innovating Engagement with the Degen Wheel of Fortune

Experience The Capital’s unique approach with our Degen Wheel of Fortune. Use your Capital Points or purchase spins for 0.05 $SOL to win exciting prizes like $SOL, exclusive NFTs, and extra points. Enjoy an interactive experience while ensuring fairness, as every outcome is determined transparently and impartially by probability.

The Capital's Wheel of fortune

Roadmap for Building The Capital:

1. Innovating within Solana: The Capital’s main focus is on innovation within the Solana blockchain.
2. Pushing Boundaries: Dedicated to pushing boundaries and creating solutions in the dynamic Solana ecosystem.
3. Leader in NFT Solutions: Concentrating efforts on Solana to position The Capital as a leader in providing cutting-edge NFT solutions.
4. Accessible Solutions: Ensuring that innovative solutions are accessible and tailored to various blockchain ecosystems.
5. Versatile Experience: Providing a versatile and inclusive experience for users across different blockchain networks.
6. Seamless Multi-Chain Journey: Get ready for a seamless journey across multiple blockchains with The Capital.

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