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Nest Arcade | P2E Arcde on Solana

Introducing the Nest Arcade

Nest Arcade is the platform where gamers can play a variety of mini-games and earn rewards. The reward will be in the form of their utility $NEST Token. Also, in Nest Arcade players can play mini-games purchase characters as NFTs, and trade them to earn profit within the ecosystem.

Nest Arcade has integrated the three multi-billion markets, that is MIni-game, P2E, and the blockchain. This project runs on Solana, a lightning-fast blockchain that enables fast transactions with virtually no fees. At present, it is the world’s eighth-largest cryptocurrency.

A player in Nest Arcade mini-games can earn through multiple ways. One can earn $NEST Token by staking his NFT, By playing Multiplayer Games Modes. By Purchasing power-ups so that NFT can stake more rewards. Also, he can mint his High-Score. as an NFT in real-time.

There will be a Nest Hub where game developers will be able to publish their P2E game to Nest Arcade for Revie and can launch his game and NFT after approval.

Nest’s First NFT Collection: MetaBirds

MetaBirds is the first in-game character introduced by Nest in the form of NFT. MetaBirds is made up of 150 hand designs of attributes that includes, Beak, Wings, and Eyes. Body Style, etc. The random combination of these attributes generated 1,600 unique birds which are stored in the form of an NFT token on the Solana Blockchain.

All the Birds are visible to the public and can be purchased through secondary marketplaces. These Birds are the in-game character of their mini-game MetaBirds.

It is a quick-to-play mini-games, that offers players a financial reward for their effort, time, and money spent in a game.

Every year, Nest will launch dozens of high-end mini-games. With every new mini-game released, It reaches a new audience of players and provides its current users with additional game modes to play.

Nest's Second NFT Collection: Voyagers

Voyagers are the second NFT collection of Nest Arcade. It is the collection of 4,444 randomly generated unique NFTs on the Solana Blockchain. Which is generated from the attributes of hair, hat, costume, etc. These will be minted very soon!

Voyagers will be the in-game character for playing a variety of mini-games with it. Also, each voyager will be unique, and stackable. Once you stake your NFT you will be earning rewards in their Utility $NEST Token. Although it will not be the only way to earn $NEST Token. There will be many more ways from which a player can earn $NEST Token.

Mint and Supply of Voyagers

The unique collection of 4,444 Voyagers will give its holders profit in many ways in the future through staking and different activities.

Minting Date:- The minting date is not yet announced it will be decided soon!

Mint Time:- TBA

OG & Whitelist:- Both the OG and Whitelist are available on their discord currently you have an opportunity to get one of them. Read this post to know you can get whitelisted. 

Supply: The total supply of Voyagers is 4,444.

Mint price:- TBA

Limit of Minting:- TBA

The minting process will be held on their official website on the said date and time. To get updated you can join their Discord and Follow them on Twitter.

Listing on Secondary Marketplace

The first Collection is already listed on Magic Eden. Also, they are trying to list it on major NFT Marketplaces. Although the team is trying to launch their own marketplace where all in-game items can easily be traded in return for their $NEST Token.

About Nest's Marketplace

Users who purchase NFTs from the market for a fixed price have $NEST deducted from their wallets as a result. NFT purchased are credited to the wallet. Nest receives a 5% transaction fee from the purchase of NFT.

In the case where the user purchased an NFT at a fixed price from another user. Ownership of NFT is transferred to the buyer’s wallet. Upon sale of the NFT, $NEST will be assigned to the user who sold it. Nest receives a 5% transaction fee from the purchase of NFT.

When a user mints a brand new randomly generated NFT from an official Nest collection drop, the purchased NFT is credited to their wallet and $NEST is written off from their wallet. All sales profits go to Nest.

The $NEST Token

The Nest Arcade token ($NEST) is an SPL token unique to the Solana ecosystem that may be traded at the Solana blockchain similar to SOL.

Using $NEST for almost all in-game and in-app transactions permits us to decrease prices on transaction fees, preserving them at the bottom price possible

The $NEST token might be completely launched over the path of five years, with a linear launch schedule (forty-five million tokens launched in keeping with the year).

Each day an identical quantity of tokens is emitted via way of means of Nest to praise players (25000 $NEST). Players have rewarded a fragment of the pool in keeping with their hobby and in-game performance

$NEST Token

The Utility of $NEST Token

  • Staking: Through staking an NFT of the Nest’ NFT collection will allow holders to earn rewards in the form of $NEST Token.
  • Earnings: A user can earn $NEST Token by playing games and using Nest Arcade Products.
  • Purchases: Users can trade $NEST Token to purchase digital assets on the Nest’s Marketplace.
  • Rewards: ‘$NEST Token will be distributed as a reward to the user who completes tasks and win tournaments.

The P2E Mini-Games and Players Earning

Unlike other blockchain games, it is not complicated and also will not require a lot of time to start. It will be a simple mobile app on which a player can just click and can start the game.
In the Nest Arcade P2E game, the player will be able to play a dozen of games and can earn through multiple methods in-game.

There are other blockchain games that require a lot of time. Leveling up and progressing requires more time from the user. Users are becoming increasingly conscious of the value of time.

Nest Players’ earnings depend on how much time a player is spending in-game. And for every spent time he will be rewarded with a $NEST Token. Also, the ability of the game justifies its earning. Here are some common ways to earn $NEST Token in Nest Arcade.

  • Reward Programs
  • Staking NFTS
  • Participating in events
  • Referral programs
  • Bug reporting
  • Watching advertisements

The Roadmap of Nest Arcade

Completed phase

  •  Marketing through Campaigns 
  •  Launching of v1 of the website
  •  First NFT drop: MetsBirds
  •  Listing of the first collection on the marketplace
  •  Creation of utility $NEST Token
  •  Tokenomics of $NEST Token
  •  Release of the first version of Whitepaper
  •  Starting of project development with devs
  •  Branding 
  •  Launching of v2 of website
  •  Team members growing

Upcoming Phase

Phase 1
  •  Token IDO (Initial DEX Offering)
  •  DEX listings 
  •  Marketing of tokens through campaigns 
  •  Alpha launch of mobile app 
  •  Launch of first playable NFT game
  •  Earn $NEST tokens in-game 
  •  NFT “high scores” and Leaderboards 
  •  Acquisition Marketing 
  •  Introduction of new game modes and power-ups
  •  Expanding team
  •  The second drop of playable NFT: Voyagers
Phase 2
  •  Release of the first stable version of Nest Arcade App
  •  Organizing Nest Tournament
  •  Add more games and playable NFTs
  •  Nest Marketplace Launch
  •  Increase marketing spending and strategy
  •  Alpha release of the desktop platform
  •  Marketing on Social Media Websites such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc
  •  The third drop of the NFT collection
Phase 3
  • Desktop V.1 stable release
  •  Opening of Nest’s SDKs to indie developers (Nest’s Hub)
  •  Large indie developer incentive and acquisition campaign to vastly scale game offering on Nest
  •  Partnerships with blockchain gaming projects
  •  On-Going project development and bug releases
  •  Breeding of NFTs
  • The fourth drop of the NFT collection
Phase 4
  •  Scale Marketing
  •  NFT Drop #5
  •  Integrate AR for supported NFTS
  •  Increase partnerships
  •  Open Nest’s NFT launchpad for third party NFT gaming projects
  •  Start Nest’s incubator paid service to help the web2 game app transition to the Web3 P2E NFT gaming model

Get Whitelisted in Nest Arcade

There are a few steps, through it, you can get a whitelist role. 

  1.  Be an active member on their discord and be helpful to the community, Don’t use chatbots to be active on discord. Help genuinely you will get your WL
  2. By joining a variety of giveaways, and contests held on their discord you can get a WL role.
  3. Level up in charts is one of the ways to get WL but it is a bonus opportunity.

Security, Wallets, and the Blockchain


The Nest uses a proven security system that minimizes the vulnerability of the system. Additionally, sensitive information, like encrypted seed phrases, as well as other data like addresses, keys, and account data, are securely saved in the user’s local storage.

The user retains full control over the wallet – no online app, website, or provider has access to it.

The thing you should remember at the time of drop is to keep a distance from links in DMs. People are scammed daily by different methods. To minimize this team will always use their official launchpad. Never connect your wallet with any unauthorized website.


you can use any Hot wallet for the P2E game as well as for the minting process.
The list of supported wallets is listed below:


Why Solana Blockchain is selected for Nest Arcade?

The team has chosen the Solana Blockchain because of the following reasons:

  1. Solana blockchain is mainly designed for gaming purposes. In the gaming ecosystem, there is a high demand for transactions and fast processing speed. Solana platform runs on powerful nodes that allow a fast transaction in a few milliseconds.
  2. The affordability of this blockchain makes it more useful for the gaming environment. It uses PoS in spite of PoW. It has a relatively low gas fee as compared to other blockchains.
  3. Additionally, Solana is a platform that enables developers to build mobile apps, as well as its blockchain and money. Programming languages C and C++, as well as Rust, are supported by the platform, and further integrations are planned

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