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Lavish Lions NFT on Solana [Sold Out]


Lavish Lions are not only just a good-looking NFT collection. It is a utility-based collection on Solana Blockchain that directly benefits the holders of the NFT.

The collection is based on 3,333 different NFTs with each fully unique trait and hand-made by their artists. It took the teams more than 4 months to completely figure out each small detail.

It is the first collection of this project after that they are going to introduce a unique collection of Lavish Lioness.

The two lions will breed to produce a little Lionet. The Lionet which is obtained from breeding will be super rare and can only be found through the breeding process or secondary marketplace. every step, the holders of the NFTs will be getting a staking reward in the term of a $lavish token.

The first two collections which are Lavish Lions and Lavish Lioness NFT collections will only be available through the official minting process or through the marketplace where the NFT collection will be listed.

Supply and the Mint

The unique collection of 3,333 Lavish Lions will give its holders profit in many ways in the future through staking and different activities.

Minting Date:-
Minting of First Collection

  • Collection Name: Lavish Lions
  • Mint Date: 27th April

Minting of Second Collection
         Collection Name: Lavish Lioness  

         • Mint Date: TBA

Mint Time:-  The exact time of minting is TBA 

OG & Whitelist:- There is a total of 100 OG roles for their community members and the total number of whitelists is 3,333. And if there be any remaining it will be for public sale. Although there is a very small number of places are left. To get whitelisted keep reading.

Supply:- The total supply of Lavish Lions is 3,333 and the supply of Lavish Lioness will be announced.

Mint price:- There are different minting prices for different roles. For the OG role, the mint price is 1.5 Sol, for the Whitelist role the mint price is 1.8 Sol and for the public mint, the price is 2 Sol.

Limit of Minting:- The 3 mint is possible for a single wallet address.

The minting process will be held on their official website on the said date and time.

Listing on Secondary Marketplace

The team is trying its best to list this on some essential marketplaces and the exchange of Lavish Lions NFTs is supposed to be started after the entirety of the minting technique successfully. Initially, they will be able to be indexed on MagicEden.

The minting process will be happening on their website. However, you can join their Discord and follow the Twitter page for the most recent update

The Complete Roadmap of Lavish Lions

Phase 1

In this phase, the top priority of the team will be the Launching of the Lavish Lions collection and the successfully minting of all NFTs.

After the completion of the minting process, they introduce the utility-based benefits to the holders of the Lavish Lions.

As well as they will introduce their utility based $LAVISH token. Which will be the staking reward for the holders. Holders will be able to stake their minted NFT to earn the reward. The amount of reward and the staking system will be discussed later in the post.

Also, the part of the fund collected from the first phase of minting will be donated to the Lion Guardian Donation project. And the other part of the fund will be used to develop the second collection and will help in the initiation of phase 2.

Phase 2

In phase 2 the second collection of Lavish Lioness will be launched. Also, there will be a reward system for the holders of Lavish Lioness.

The staking reward for the Lavish Lions will be twice of the Lavish Lions. The reward of staking will be in the same $LAVISH token. They will be expanding the charity Scene.

Phase 3

Phase 3 is the most rewarding and unique phase. In this phase, the holders will be earning profits in many ways. They will introduce Breeding Mechanism.

Holder of the two collections which are the Lavish Lioness and the Lavish Lioness will be able to obtain a Lionet collection free of cost just by breeding two collections.

The Lionet collection will be super rare as it can only be obtained from the breeding process and secondary marketplace.

There will be a special reward of for the holders of all Lavish collections. Also, the staking reward for the Lionet will be 5X. And this ending of this phase will initiate the LavishDAO.

Phase 4

In alignment with their vision of directly benefiting holders, they will be establishing their own “Lavish Club” which will be controlled by their established LavishDAO.

As a result, the DAO will directly benefit the pride by offering whitelisting opportunities for other promising projects and exclusive giveaways for its members.

The 3D models of the collections of the Lavish Lions and the Lavish Lioness will be completed in this phase. They will expand the use of the $LAVISH token and will introduce the Roadmap for version 2.0.

Although the team has a very long vision for the project and they will do their best to make it successful.

Breeding Mechanism

For the earners to begin growing the pride, they have to acquire a Lavish Lion and a Lavish Lionette.

After those two collections are acquired, there will be a breeding dashboard that will do everything so you just need to get your hands on the two previous collections and follow the instructions to breed your own little Lionet.

The Lionets in the Lavish Lionet collection are breeding-only, so they will be ultra-rare and will only be available through either the secondary market or the breeding process described here.

Staking and $LAVISH Token

The staking of the NFT collections will provide a reward to the stakers. And this will be one of the initial utilities of the project.

When staked, Lavish NFT will be placed into an escrow wallet. This approach was taken because this system offers multiple benefits to the holders. By keeping the Lavish Collections off the secondary market, we will raise the floor price and create scarcity, which will result in higher prices.

  • As long as your NFT is staked you will be yielding $lavish. 
  • Once your NFT becomes un-staked it returns directly to your wallet

Each Lavish collection has a different staking rate. It depends on which collection is being staked. 

For Lavish Lions, 20 $lavish tokens can be yielded per day.
Lavish Lioness 40 $lavish tokens can be yielded per day.
For Lavish Lionet 100 $lavish tokens can be yielded per day.

$lavish tokens are mainly used for staking rewards, and the secondary way to get $lavish tokens is through Lavish Club and LavishDAO. 

The token address, SolScan link, max supply, tokenomics, will be announced soon!

Get Whitelisted for Lavish Lions

Below are 5 of the best ways in which you can get yourself that Whitelist Spot for the Lavish Lion mint pre-sale.

  1. Members must be at Level 12 and have 7 Invites To obtain WhiteList. However the higher the number of invites/levels the higher the chance of getting OG!
  2. By taking about the project on other social media platforms.
  3. By helping community and promoting on twitter.
  4. By creating beautiful fan arts and memes.
  5. Also, there are a lots daily contest on their discord channel. You can participate and win a WL role.

Lavish Lions and the Metaverse

Lavish Lions will integrate with the Solana metaverses! Team is delighted to announce this news! The section will be updated as soon as confirmation has been received. Keep your eyes peeled for the official names and exact dates!

Due to the characters’ high quality and level of detail, it will be very easy for the Lions to be easily integrated into existing Metaverses. Thus, the 3D model has already been proven compatible with popular software like Unreal and Blender.

Security, Blockchain, and Wallet


Many people are scammed by different methods every day. So the reduce this scam they decided to keep the minting process on their official Website. Also, their minting link will be revealed at the time of Mint.

Keep a distance from links in DMs. And never share your phrase keys of wallets with anyone. If you get any link on DM. Just report them in their Scam Alert channel on the discord Channel.

Why Solana Blockchain is selected?

They have selected the Solana blockchain because of the following reasons:

Affordability:- Solana blockchain has very small mining fee and it always deals with high number of transactions.

Airdrops:- Low gas fee make the community able to do frequent airdrops and giveaways.

Environmental Concerns:- Solana blockchain produces fewer carbon footprints as compared to other blockchains. As we know blockchain is based on cryptography so it requires powerful computers to process a transaction.


you can use any Hot wallets for the minting process. The list of supported wallets is listed below:

  • Phantom
  • Solfare
  • Sollet
  • Slope

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