Royal Panther Empire

Royal Panther Empire [Sold Out]


Royal Panther Empire is the collection of 3,333 unique randomly generated NFT on the Solana Blockchain. Royal Panther Empire will be generated through different handmade traits made by Kevin Cassidy, a very known personality in the entertainment industry.

Kevin Cassidy is backed by a team of developers, entrepreneurs, marketers, and celebrities who are all devoted to developing the Royal Panther Empire for enduring success and sustainable value.

A new collection of NFTs geared toward the upper echelon of society has emerged from the metaverse as the Royal Panther Empire. With a wide range of non-fungible tokens appearing in the NFT space, quality assets with a greater degree of distinction are in high demand.

Supply and Mint of Royal Panther Empire

The official launch of the rarity-based NFT collection of 3,333 Royal Panther Empire will allow holders to get exclusive Rewards in the future for sure.

Minting Date:- 7th of May is scheduled as the mint date.

Mint Time:-  To satisfy all the time zones 17:00 UTC is selected as minting time for the Whitelisted and 17:30 UTC is for public sale.

Whitelist:- The total number of whitelist roles in Royal Panther Empire is 1500

Supply:- A total supply of Royal Panther Empire is 3,333. 

Mint price:- The reasonable price of 1.5 Sol is being fixed for both WL and Public. (Keep an extra 0.05 Sol for a gas fee)

Limit of minting:- One can mint 2 Royal Panther Empire NFT in the presale as well as public sale. ( Each WL user will get 2 WL Token before the mint)

The minting process will take place on the official website of Royal Panther Empire when the counting timers hit 00:00:00.

Listing on Secondary Marketplace

They are trying their best to list Royal Panther Empire collection on some essential marketplaces and the exchange of Royal Panther Empire is supposed to be started after the entirety of the minting process successfully.

Initially, they will be able to be indexed on Magic Eden, Solsea, and Solanart. Soon they will list Royal Panther Empire on Opensea too.

The minting process will be happening on their website when the countdown timer ends.

The Complete Roadmap of Royal Panther Empire

Phase 1 : (Creation of Real Art)

Kevin Cassidy, the artist who brought the Panthers to life, has worked on projects for major companies like Warner Bros, Marvel Studios, Amazon Studios, and several others. His goal was to bring the same quality to the Royal Panther Empire that he provided with his previous work in the media industry.

To achieve this, the first step in the roadmap is to ensure that each Empire Royal Panthers Panther NFT is built with the meticulous care taken over Cassidy’s extensive creative process. Keep an eye out for the 2nd and 3rd phases of the roadmap, with unique rewards never before seen in the industry.

The finished product will be an outstanding NFT collection well worth owning, one that you will be extremely proud to display.

Phase 2 : (Meeting of Royal Family)

One of the biggest benefits that will come with being a member of this very exclusive community is the opportunity to rub your brains against the upper echelons of society. Beyond those doors is the opportunity to make useful connections and build a valuable network of highly knowledgeable and highly skilled people.

Royal Panther Empire will establish a community of holders that will be the benchmark for all similar networks. They will have a space where members can come together, share ideas, and in these invaluable interactions they can forge alliances that will last a lifetime.

Phase 3 : (Releasing of genesis collection)

The Genesis Collection will be released. It will consist of just 3,333 beautifully designed Royal Panthers designed to appeal to the tastes of high-end buyers. The quality of this Genesis collection is unmatched in the NFT space before.

The launch of this exclusive collection is only the first phase of a long-term project of unparalleled quality and perfection. Kevin Cassidy will continue to enrich the NFT space with his one-of-a-kind artworks.

Phase 4 (Real-World Utilities)

Owning a Royal Panther grants individuals access to the unique real-world applications and benefits these NFTs are designed to provide. These special amenities include discounted rates with luxury and high-quality facilities such as parlor, hotels, and access to top-notch electrical accessories, among others.

Royal Panthers NFTs offer buyers a range of benefits unmatched in the industry. This collection opens the door for owners to discover a multitude of special use cases and premium rewards.

Phase 5 : (Big Opportunity for Holders)

Some lucky people will be able to win a private video meeting with Kevin Cassidy. What this will require for the lucky ones is a masterclass in 3D design with a talented digital artist in addition to seeing how special each Panther is made.

They can also win a private design session with Cassidy, where they can create their own NFT Panther with features that match the desired specifications. Our artists can also add special features to the NFT Royal Panther Empire you have purchased. Get a chance to modify your Panther as well as get insight into Cassidy’s creation process.

Unique perks like these are part of how the Royal Panthers Empire sets itself apart as a collection designed specifically for the elite.

Phase 6 : (Creating Physical Artwork of Royal Panther Empire)

To reward the holders of Royal Panther Empire, The project is offering them a unique opportunity to have a real and enjoyable interaction with their non-fungible tokens. Some lucky people will receive physical versions of their NFTs.

A good example of this immersive experience is getting your NFT rendered as a sculpture or painting. This is a glimpse of the incredible rewards that only a collection like the Royal Panthers, designed for the elite, can offer.

Phase 7 ( Evolution of the Royal Panther Part-2)

As the holder of this precious collection, you will be one of the project leaders, with your vote you can make decisions to help build our empire step by step. An example of what we want to do is create our own royal token, which can be obtained by staking your panther.

The team firmly believes that with the synergy of each dedicated member of this elite community, they can form a dynasty worthy of being called royalty. It’s the chance of a lifetime; played a key role in the success of this amazing project.

Kevin Cassidy and Royal Panther Empire

Kevin Cassidy marks his first major entry into the NFT space with Royal Panther Empire. His past work suggests that he will continue to defy conventions. The NFT art collection of 2022 will be filled with his innovative aesthetic and original vision.

Words of Kevin Cassidy

Hello Royals, I wanted to come on here and thank you all for the continued support.

I’m thrilled with how the artwork has turned out for this project! It’s been great to see all the positive reactions to the sneak peeks along the way. I can’t wait for you to see the exciting combinations of the upcoming panthers.

It has always been a goal of mine to release a high-quality project with original art and the team and I have been working hard on delivering that. I think we are creating something really unique with a lot of attention to design and detail as well as adding iconic attributes to the characters.

I’m looking forward to seeing who mints the legendaries and rares! Even many of the commons are pretty leveled up. Best of luck with the minting of your Panthers!

Security, Blockchain, and Wallet


Many people are scammed by various methods every day. So the reduce this scam they decided to keep the minting process on their official Website. Also, their minting link will be a subdomain of their website.

Keep a distance from links in DMs. And never share your phrase keys of wallets with anyone. If you get any link on DM. Just report them in their Scam Alert channel on the discord Channel.

Why Solana Blockchain is selected?

Earlier, they are trying to release this collection on Ethereum Blockchain but they change their mind to release it on Solana Blockchain. They have selected the Solana blockchain because of the following reasons

Affordability: Solana blockchain is specifically designed for collectibles, and gaming purposes. Solana offers high transaction speed, fast processing power, and low gas fee. In this P2E game this blockchain plays a big role in transactions of NFT assets, tokens, etc

Airdrops:- Low gas fees make the community able to do frequent airdrops and giveaways.

Environmental Concerns: Solana blockchain produces fewer carbon footprints as compared to other blockchains. As we know blockchain is based on cryptography so it requires powerful computers to process a transaction.


Using a Phantom wallet is highly recommended, however, you can use other wallets too for the minting process.
The list of supported wallets is listed below:

Get Whitelisted

All the whitelisted slots have been occupied but still, you can mint in the WL presale by buying WL tokens on FFF token market.

Although you have the opportunity to mint in the public sale at 17:30 UTC 7th May.

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