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KidzTokyo: [Sold Out]

Introducing KidzTokyo

KidzTokyo is not a just good-looking NFT collection. It is a fully utility-based collection on the Solana blockchain. It will directly benefit the holders of NFT in various ways. KidzTokyo is a collection of 6,500 unique and all have a different trait which is hand made by their artists.

The collection of the male KidzTokyo will be launched on the 17th of May 2022. It will be the first collection of the project. After that, they will be launching their 2nd collection of the female version of KidzTokyo in Roadmap 2.0.

In every step of the project holders of the NFT will be getting various rewards in terms of their utility tokens. There will be also a staking reward and liquidity pool for the holders.

The collection of NFT will only be available through the official minting process or through the marketplace where the NFT collection will be listed.

Mint and Supply of KidzTokyo

The official launch of the rarity-based NFT collection of 6,500 TokyoKidz will allow holders to get exclusive Rewards in the future for sure.

Minting Date:- 23rd of May

Mint Time:- 5PM UTC for presale and 7PM UTC for Public sale.

Whitelist & OG:- The exact count of these roles is not revealed yet. One can still get a WL role to know how to get a role, keep reading.

Supply:- A total supply of KidzTokyo is 6,500. 

Mint price:- The mint price for the presale is 0.35 Sol and for public sale, the mint price of 0.45 Sol is being fixed. 

Limit of minting:- One with an OG role can mint 3 NFTs and a Whitelist user can mint 2 in presale,  ( Each OG and WL user will get 3 and 2 presales respectively Tokens before the mint). However one can mint unlimited NFT if any is left from the presale.

The minting process will take place on the custom official website of KidzTokyo.

Listing of KidzTokyo on Secondary Marketplace

The team is using its full potential to list the collection on major marketplaces. And the trade of KidzTokyo is supposed to be started just after the completion of the minting process. Initially, they are able to list the collection of KidzTokyo in the Magic Eden and Opensea.

The minting process will be happening on the custom website on the said date. For further info join their Discord.

Roadmap 1.0

Phase 1: (Ongoing)

The first and foremost work of this phase is to make a strong community. They will make a strong community on Twitter as well as on Discord through various promotions. They will collab with DAOs and other projects to build their community

After building a perfect community they will launch their collection of KidzTokyo NFT on which the whole project is based. The minting of their collection will take place in this phase also.

Phase 2: (Upcoming)

This phase will active just after the completion of the minting process. When mint will over the collection go for listing on the secondary marketplace.

The team will set up a playground for the verified Kidz. This project will offer its holder a very high floor price. As the 25% of the Royalty will be used for the sweeping of the floor price for the KidzTokyo on the marketplace. Also, a part of this royalty will be used for DAO vote.

Further, they will introduce the staking of NFT. One can earn their Utility token by staking his NFT. The Utility of the Token and the Tokenomics will be released soon!

Phase 3: (Upcoming)

In this phase, they will continue building their community on Twitter and Discord as well. They will organize various giveaways, games quizzes, etc for this purpose.

Last but not the least, they will launch the Girl version of KidzTokyo of Gen 2. Also, the benefits will be given to the holder of the KidzTokyo male version in the form of a drop. They will drop free NFT to the holders of the NFT.

This will be the end of this phase and as well as the roadmap 1.0. More details will be announced in roadmap 2.0.

The Team and Doxxing

The team is fully Doxxed by Alpha Labs. For doxxing, the team has provided all the KYC details including Government Identity, Personal Photo Copy, Contact Info, Address, Copies of the Tax bills, and bank statements. Also, an online video for the verification is submitted. The personal social media and accounts are also cross-checked for the doxxing.

Here is the Certificate given by the Alpha Labs.
Certificate Link:

KidzTokyo certificate

Security, Blockchain, and Wallet


Every day, thousands of people are scammed in a variety of ways. Therefore, they decided to keep the minting process on their official website in order to reduce scams. The link to their mint will also be revealed at the time of mint.

Keep a distance from links in DMs. Do not let anyone know your phrase key or wallet password. If you receive a link via direct message. Let them know in their Scam Alert channel on discord.

Why Solana Blockchain is selected?

They have selected the Solana blockchain because of the following reasons:

Affordability:- Solana blockchain has a very small mining fee and it always deals with a high number of transactions.

Airdrops:- Low gas fees make the community able to do frequent airdrops and giveaways.

Environmental Concerns:- Solana blockchain produces fewer carbon footprints as compared to other blockchains. As we know blockchain is based on cryptography so it requires powerful computers to process a transaction.


you can use any Hot wallet for the minting process. Although keep an extra amount of Sol for the blockchain gas fee.

The list of supported wallets is listed below:

  • Phantom
  • Solfare
  • Sollet
  • Slope

Get Whitelisted in KidzTokyo

Getting a WL or OG role will give you the advantage of mint in presale with a discount of 33% of the public mint price. There are multiple ways to get a whitelisted role in KidzTokyo. Some of them are listed below:

  1.  Be an active member in the community, help other community members and contribute to the community, they handpick the active one who is more engaged with other members.
  2. Reach level 10 on discord, invite 10 people to their discord and submit its prof in submit-proof channel on discord to get a WL role. (Note: doing it does NOT guarantee you a WL. They will pick some with good vibes every day)
  3. Participate in different games like Royal Rumble, Trivia, and Gratis to win a WL. Join AMA on Twitter and be engaged with them. Also, there are many RT, Like giveaways are organized on their Twitter.

Useful Official Links

Website:- TBA

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