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MoonFit: A Web 3.0 Fitness App

Introducing MoonFit

MoonFit is a web 3.0 Fitness App made with the love of blockchain using Web3, NFT, and MoonBeam ecosystem with a proper user rewarding mechanism. It is not like a traditional Fitness App, MoonFit promotes Active Fitness Living by rewarding users with Tokens and NFTs.

One can start daily fitness activities just by purchasing a MoonBeast NFT (either Beast or Beauty NFT) and start using their MoonFit Mobile App to earn In-game MFR Tokens. These Tokens have multiple utilities including cashout for profit.

Purchasing NFTs is included to make the token system more efficient. On average an American citizen spends $58 a month on gyms if they invest some in MoonFit NFTs with this they will be maintaining their Lifestyle as well as earning a reward.

Not only running MoonFit rewards its user for all sports activities as long as calories are burnt. You don’t need to take a risk and go out for fitness in bad weather. You can perform outdoor as well as indoor activities to earn MFR tokens. Through the MoonFit rewarding mechanism, the algorithm pushes users to work out, keep fit and stay healthy.

MoonFit has two Tokens MFR Token and MFG Token, MFR (MoonFit Reward Token) is their in-game activity Token and MFG (MoonFit Governance Token) is the Governance Token of their MoonFit ecosystem.

MoonFit NFTs: Beauty and the Beast

MoonFit NFTs have a different name MoonBeats which includes two types of MoonBeats. The Female Beauty and the Male Beast. The total supply of MoonBeast is ten thousand only. With the fitness activity the more you burn calories more your beast becomes stronger and more attractive. Ability and attractiveness are other faces of leveling up.

When two MoonBeast of different gender meets, the meeting of Beauty and Beast will allow them to breed and lay a MoonEgg.which can be traded in the MoonFit Marketplace for MFR tokens. Every MoonBeast is unique in its way with different abilities like Strength, Weakness, and MoonBeast Attributes.

There are five levels of Rarity (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Mythical, Legendary) which have a different multiplier value that will be multiplied for different MoonBeast Attributes. Common has the multiplier value of 1, Uncommon has the value of 2, and so on. Legendary has the maximum value of 6 of the multiplier.

There are 4 Special Attributes of MoonBeast: Endurance, Speed, Social, and Luck.
These 4 attributes have numerical values which vary from 2 to 4 and 8 to 13. These values are assigned randomly when they are constructed. For a rare MoonFit NFT, these attributes value will be multiplied by the multiplying factor of rarity.

How One can Get a MoonBeast?

The total supply of 10000 MoonBeast will be minted in 4 different phases. There will be 3 Whitelist Pre Sale and 1 Public Sale. One can mint a MoonBeast in Whitelist pre-sale only with a Mint Pass. Mint Pass can be earned in different ways you can check here. MoonBeast can be minted in different sales with a different mint prices.

Whitelist Sale #1
Mint Date: 22nd August 2022
Mint Time: TBD
Supply: 500
Price: 79 $GLMR (MoonBeam Token) + 1 Mint Pass

Whitelist Sale #2
Mint Date: TBD
Mint Time: TBD
Supply: 1500
Price: 119 $GLMR (MoonBeam Token) + 1 Mint Pass

Whitelist Sale #3
Mint Date: TBD
Mint Time: TBD
Supply: 3000
Price: 159 $GLMR (MoonBeam Token) + 1 Mint Pass

Public Sale
Mint Date: TBD
Mint Time: TBD
Supply: 5000
Price: TBD

MoonEgg & MoonBox


MoonEgg can be obtained through the breeding of Beast and Beauty MoonBeast. The MoonEgg will further produce a MoonBeast with a combined rarity of Beauty and Beast. Each MoonBeast has a maximum of 7 breeding times, after which it becomes sterile.

A MoonBeast’s breed count and rarity determine the amount of MFR and/or MFG tokens needed to breed it. The cost of breeding varies and is subject to change according to game balance and economic dynamics. MFR Tokens are currently the only currency required for breeding.


A MoonEgg can be opened to get MoonBeast, held for future use, transferred to another account, or listed on the marketplace for trading.

There will be a chance of laying 2 or 3 eggs at once. This change will be calculated by using a mathematical formula that will be dependent on a Social attribute.


A MoonBox can be received for each running session a user runs. The drop rate of the MoonBox wil is dependent on the Luck attribute and the distance that a user has covered during running.

MoonBoxes are also categorized into four types based on their rarity: Common MoonBoxes, Uncommon MoonBoxes, Rare MoonBoxes, and Mythical MoonBoxes. Having a rarer MoonBox increases your chances of getting a rarer MoonItem. A MoonBox contains MoonItems that can be equipped to enhance MoonBeast’s attributes.

MFR and MFG: MoonFit Tokens


  • Utility token
  • Unlimited supply
  • Purchase real items from
  • MoonShop
  • Earned through in-game activities
  • Used for most in-game activities


  • Governance token
  • 6 billion total supply
  • Used for special in-game milestones
  • Staking (coming soon)
  • Earned through special in-game milestones


Roadmap MoonFit

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