FitR: Metaverse Fitness App

FitR Overview: A Gamified Socio Fitness App

FitR is a fitness App with the goodness of gaming and social features. It allows the user to discover different exercises. Its social feature gives the users the opportunity to connect with friends and family through Fitness activity challenges

The gamified design of this project keeps the users engaged in fitness and helps in achieving good health. A Player can earn rewards for completing exercises. Rewards will be given in terms of their game and governance token (FXT and FMT).

Exercise Pal (XPal) and Equipment NFTs

The Exercise Pal NFT is the main collection of the FitR. Using an XPal a user can participate in the exercises and earn FXT tokens as per the duration of the exercise and XPal Attributes.

An Equipment NFT is an add-on to XPals that increases earnings and energy when exercising. By adding an Equipment NFT, players can earn additional tokens while spending the same amount of time. For each exercise, there will be a corresponding Equipment NFT.


Attributes of XPal and Equipment NFTs

The XPal has 4 attributes, Efficiency, Resilience, Luck, and Speed. While Equipment NFTs will have only one of those attributes. When a user uses an Equipment with XPal then the final score will be calculated by adding the attribute of Equipment along with XPal’s corresponding attribute.

Efficiency: In determining the total rewards, the NFT’s Efficiency value multiplies the movement score from each exercise session. Increasing rewards is primarily driven by high efficiency.

Resilience: The durability of the NFT is affected by resilience. Durability decay will be slower if the NFT has higher Resilience; less FXT will be required to repair it.

Luck: While exercising, Treasure Chests will be randomly dropped to users. Treasure Chests contain FXT, FMT, or NFTs (only FXT in the current version). Treasure Chests drop based on luck.

Speed: When performing every move, speed affects the frequency of getting bonus points. Bonus points are determined by your speed when performing every move. During the workout session, the player will earn more bonus points as the higher the NFT Speed.

Quality and Durability

There are 5 qualities/rarities of both XPal and Equipment NFTs. These are Normal (N), Rare (R.), Super Rare (SR), Superior Super Rare (SSR), and Ultra Rare (UR).

The Durability of the XPal decreases as the Energy decreases as a user exercises. XPals’ Durability can be renewed by consuming FXT. Renewal requires more FXT when the XPal is at a higher level or Quality.

The Equipment has also durability just like XPal. There are 100 points of Durability (maximum Durability) for equipment NFTs. The Durability of an Equipment NFT will be deducted by one point each day it is used. If you do not use an Equipment NFT while exercising a day its durability will not decrease.

How to Start Earning with Exercise?

Below are the 5 simple steps to get started exercising and earning with FitR.
1. Download the FitR app from App Store or Play Store
Currently, FitR is not published on App Store and Play Store as it is in Beta Phase.1 but still you can download FitR through FitR Website.
2. Sign-Up at the FitR
Signing in to the FitR app is simple like other apps. You just need to provide your email and you will receive verification on that email. Enter the code and also the invitation code from the below to get access.
Invitation Code:
3. Make a Wallet on FitR
In the top right corner of the FitR App, there is an option to create a new wallet. The process of creating a Wallet is similar everywhere. If you don’t know it read here.
4. Transfer of BNB to FitR Wallet
Transfer BNB to your FitR in-app Wallet to buy an NFT in the FitR Market and always keep some extra BNB as gas in your Wallet account.
5. Purchase of XPal and Equipment NFTs
Go to the FitR Market in-app and Purchase an NFT.
Congratulations! You are ready to start exercising and earning.

Note:- It is NFA(Not Financial Advice) and always DYOR(Do Your Own Research) before buying or investing.

Exercise Mode

By exercising in the Exercise Mode, users with an XPal NFT earn tokens. FitR Exercise Tokens (FXT) can be earned using XPal NFT Energy. The move2earn time for every Energy Level is one minute.

The user selects an XPal NFT plus an Equipment NFT, such as a JRope (optional), and presses Start.

How to fix the phone for calculating scores?
Step back until your full body is within the frame after placing your phone in a fixed position. The phone will recognize the player and start a countdown telling the player when to exercise and earn. Make sure the light shines on the player, not the phone, in a moderately bright environment. For FitR to recognize movement, the phone must be in a stable, fixed position.

Currently, there is only a Jumping Exercise in the FitR App. The team is currently focused on Boxing Game and it will be launched very soon!

Social Grouping is also one of the most focused things for the team as they want to make it a Social Fi platform.

FitR Metaverse

FXT and FMT: The FitR Tokens


FXT stands for FitR Exercise Token. It is an in-game token of the FitR ecosystem. It has many use cases and an unlimited supply. One can get FXT for e exercising in Modes. The FXT can be staked for a period and the user can earn a bonus for staking.

FXT Contract address (BNB Chain):

Utilities of FXT
– For Level Up
– To mint new NFTs
– For repairing and renewing NFT
– More on the way.


FMT stands for FitR Metaverse Token. It is the governance token of the FitR ecosystem. FMT is Minted at the Token Generation Event (TGE), with a total of 2,000,000,000 Minted on a TBD date. The FMT token will go live very soon!

FMT Contract address (BNB Chain):

Utilities of FMT
– In reaching Level 40
– To mint new NFTs
– For transferring NFTs
– Also for reacquiring attributes points
– More on the way.

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