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MoonFit Mint Pass

The MoonFit Pass

MoonFit is a Fitness App based on Blockchain and NFTs technology. A user can start doing fitness activities just by purchasing MoonBeats through MoonFit Mint Pass. MoonBeats is the collection of 10000 Beauty and Beast NFTs. You can get more information about the project from here.

You can obtain MoonBeats just by minting. A user will only be able to mint in Whitelist sale if he has a Mint Pass.

In this post, we will be discussing how a Mint Pass can be obtained.

Beauty and the Beast

There are multiple ways to get a MoonFit Mint Pass

1)By Beta Testing of MoonFit App

Steps for Beta Testing are mentioned below

        Download the MoonFit Android/IOS App from the link below or directly.



  1. Open the app give permission, and Now Connect with your Google Account.
  2. Select your favorite sports from the list.
  3. Input Height, weight, and Year of Birth
  4. That’s All. Now you are ready to test in the beta phase
  5. Always Tap on Run before starting running
  6. Post your screenshot of 2 days of activity on Twitter by tagging @MoonFitOfficial
  7. You will be selected if you will match with terms.

2) By Completing Crew3 Quest

Steps are given below for participating in Quest (SS will be attached)

            First, go to below given Crew3 website

              Crew3 Link:-

  1. Connect with your Discord Account.
  2. Now a Home page will appear, click on Quests in the Menu icon
  3. There will be multiple tasks, you can perform and earn XP.
  4. Increase your level using XP and Reach level 6
  5. Congratulations you will get a MoonFit Mint Pass.

3) Using Discord Channel

You can join their discord and participate in various contests to win a MoonFit Mint Pass.
Twitter Like, Follow, and Retweet Campaign
Collaboration Campaign
Celebrations Campaign
The above are the following campaigns through this you can get a MoonFit Mint Pass.
Discord link:-

What to do After Getting a Mint Pass

If you have a MoonFit Mint Pass of whitelist sale #1 you can mint a MoonBeast in the first Whitelist Sale with just 79 $GLMR. (Currently, the whitelist is closed for round 1

Although you can obtain a Mint Pass for Whitelist Sale #2 to mint in round 2 with 119 $GLMR

And so on.

MoonFit Mint Pass

If you have MoonFit Mint Pass and don’t have funds to mint you can sell it. Also, if you are interested in Mint but are not able to get a Mint Pass you can buy it.

Sell/Buy Mint Pass:-

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