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Reels of Change: An Unique Idea

Introducing Reels of Change

Reels of Change is a unique-looking, utility-based collection of 3,333 NFTs on the Solana Blockchain. Holding an NFT of the collection of Reels of Change will give the benefits in various ways.

Every NFT will be unique because of its traits and characteristics. Each will be randomly generated from a selection of 15 trait categories, randomly generated from a pool of 200+ sub traits hand-made by their artists.

$ROCC will be their ecosystem currency that will be used in giving different rewards to the holders of NFT. Through a ROC NFT, you can earn a steady passive income of $ROCC, which may be wagered on partnered casino websites, or exchanged for $SOL using one of their DEX partners.

Their PvP (Player vs Player) games will enable players to interact with players across the globe. Their aim is to offer players an immersive, fun, and social experience. The game is played in groups of 2 to 10 players who vie for the throne of their faction

Mint and Supply of the Reels of Change

A collection of 3,333 NFT Reels of Change based on rarity allows holders to get exclusive Rewards in the future.

Minting Date:- 28th of May is scheduled as the final mint date.

Mint Time:-  They have concluded that 28th May at 16:20 PM UTC would be ideal for Reels of Change.

Whitelist:- The total number of whitelist roles in the Reels of Change is 2750.

Supply:- A total supply of Reels of Change is 3,333. 

Mint price:- The reasonable price of 1.5 Sol is being fixed for WL pre-sale and 2 Sol for the Public Sale. (Keep an extra 0.05 Sol for a gas fee)

Limit of minting:- OG can mint 2 NFT and WL holders can mint 1 NFT in presale and as many as in public sale depending on the supply left.

Listing on the Secondary Marketplace

They are trying their best to list the collection on some big marketplaces, Like Magic Eden, Opensea, Digitaleys, etc. Initially, they will be able to list it on their Launchpad Partner Magic Eden.

The listing will happen just after the completion of the mint process. The Team is fully doxed by Magic Eden and the funds are Escrowed for 1D to the third party.

Get Whitelisted for Presale

There are many ways to get a WL or OG role. A few of them are listed below:

  1. Engage yourself in meaningful conversation, help the community members and reach level 10 on their discord.
  2. Invite 10 of your friend to the Discord server, Bots will not be counted.
  3. Retweet their tweets and send the proofs to them in Discord. 1 WL role will be allocated daily for these members.
  4. Setting your profile as Sneak-Peaks of the NFT, Boosting the server, creating fan arts, and memes can increase the chances of getting a WL role.

Make It or Break It: The Reels of Change’s Game

Make it or Break it is a game where the aim of the player will be to cross the bridge by jumping on the boxes. At each step, the player has to choose between two seemingly indistinguishable boxes. One box is faulty and the other is sturdy. If a player jumps on the sturdy box, he will be able to choose boxes from the next step. Also, by choosing the correct box player’s reward will be multiple with a certain fixed value.

On choosing a faulty box, they will instantly fall from the bridge and lose the game. It resembles the fifth game of the famous Korean Series “Squid Game”. Where the players have to choose between two glass sheets, one tempered and the other non-tempered to qualify for the next step.

There will be a total of 8 Steps on the bridge to jump off. On each step, the reward will be multiplied, for the first step it is 1.96X, for the second step it is 3.88X and so on for the final step it is 232.96X.

In order to minimize risk and collect rewards, cashing out can be done at any time during the game. Beginning with a 2% fee, the house edge will rise to 9% once the bridge is completed.

The Rocket Bot: Skill Base Game

In Rocket Bot, the goal is to stay alive without hitting obstacles or being struck by lightning for as long as possible. Their multiplier increases as they run. A multiplier of x1.01 is the smallest, while the largest is 10,000. If the player hits an obstacle or is struck by lightning, he or she loses the game.

There is no finishing line in this game. One can only do is cash out before he loses the game. Mastering the game is easy, but knowing when to cash out is a challenge.

There will be a powerup gem kept on the map at a random place. One with a gem can multiply rewards or a get free reroll depending on the gem.

Lightning will strike at a random interval across the game and follow the mathematical formula of P(x) = 0.01 + 0.99/x where x is a value that ranges between 0 and 1 and P(x) is the payout multiplier.

Benefits of the Holders of Reels of Change

The holders of the Reels of Change will get profits in various ways, a few of them are listed below:

Benefits of holding 1 ROC NFT

  1. Holders will be able to stake their NFT and earn $ROCC.
  2. Can join games using $ROCC and redeem winnings.

Benefits of holding 2 ROC NFT

  1. Holders will be able to stake their NFT and earn $ROCC.
  2. Can join games using $ROCC and redeem winnings.
  3. 1 ROC 3D NFT will be airdropped.
  4. Profit-sharing from the deals with other projects.
  5. Free metaverse avatar 1 Spins NFT airdrop.
  6. Profit-sharing from the ROC metaverse Lottery

Staking of ROC and Liquidity Pool

By staking ROC NFTs, you will earn a steady passive income of $ROCC, which can be wagered on our partnered casinos’ websites, or swapped for $SOL using our DEX partners.

Rakeback benefits will be available when playing with $ROCC, increasing the buying pressure on the token. The house will also burn a portion of the $ROCC it has wagered and captured, making the token deflationary.

They will finance the $ROCC token through various means and these sources will be increasing day by day to grow the pool. Current Liquidity providing pools are listed below.

  • A fixed amount of 300 Sol will be added to the liquidity from the profits of the mint.
  • Also, the liquidity pool will be enriched by 50% of licensing profits.
  • 45% of the Royalty will also be added to the liquidity pool.
  • A certain amount of the profits from the 3D NFT will be added too.

Why Solana Blockchain is Selected?

They have selected the Solana blockchain because of the following reasons:

Affordability:- Reels of Change will generally deal with the gaming ecosystem so it required very fast transactions. Solana blockchain has a very small mining fee and it always deals with a high number of transactions.

Airdrops:- Low gas fees make the community able to do frequent airdrops and giveaways.

Environmental Concerns:- Solana blockchain produces fewer carbon footprints as compared to other blockchains. As we know blockchain is based on cryptography so it requires powerful computers to process a transaction.

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