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Battle Drones: The P2E Game [Sold Out]


Battle Drones is an innovative gaming ecosystem that includes NFTs and tokens based on the Solana blockchain. The team has a wonderful long-term vision for this gaming ecosystem. The project has both short and long term Use-cases.

Battle Drones are originally focused on building immersive games, basically, it is a Play-to-Earn (P2E) game model. In which digital tradeable assets, NFTs, and tokens are included. With this mindset, the team has the vision to reward everyone who participates in this ecosystem.

At the early stage, the only motto of the team is to grow the gaming community and reward gamers across the globe. We can say it is a gaming ecosystem for the gamers by the gamers.

Supply and Mint of the 2nd wave of Battle Drones

The launch of 2nd wave collection of Battle Drones will give the holders of NFT the exclusive P2E gaming Ecosystem.

Mint date:- 21st April is selected as the pre-sale mint date and 22nd April is public sale mint date.
Mint Time:- To satisfy most of the time zones across the world, 8:00 PM UTC is chosen as the minting time for the presale, and the next day 08:00 AM UTC is Public Sale mint time.There is total 12 hrs for minting in pre-sale.
OG & whitelist:- There are 100 roles of OG and the remaining from the total supply is the Whitelist role. The OGs and Whitelisted will have the access to the presale.
Public Sale:-This phase will only take place if there is something left from the presale.
Supply:- There is a very limited supply of only 1000 Battle Drones.
Mint price:- The reasonable price of 1.2 Sol is being fixed for whitelisted and OGs, while the mint price for public sale is 1.5 Sol.( Always keep a bit more for blockchain gas fee)
Minting Limit:- Only one limit of mint for each wallet is assigned.

The minting process will take place on the official website of Battle Drones at the mentioned time.

Listing on Secondary Market

The first wave collection of Battle Drones is already listed on DigitalEyes. And also, the rarity chat of the collection is available on the official website of Battle Drones.

The team is doing its best to list the collection on multiple major NFT secondary markets. Initially, the collection is only listed on DigitalEyes.

The Complete Roadmap of Battle Drones

Phase 1 (Completed)

The first and foremost work is to showcase the artwork of the first wave. After that, they will introduce Lore and Drone Bones Store. Basically, the Drone’s Bones store is a burning mechanism for their utility token.

The main part of this phase is the minting of the first wave NFT collection. This phase also includes the community development and also there will be rewards for the Early members.

After successfully minting the listing of the collection on the secondary market and the rarity checking tool is introduced. Followed by the showcase of the Second Wave Collection of Artwork. In this phase, they will initiate the development of the gaming ecosystem.

Phase 2 (In Progress)

The initiation of 2nd phase will be done by releasing the Game Teaser Trailer followed by the revealing of the partners of the project. After that, the Minting process of the 2nd wave NFT collection will take place in the month of April.

The utility-based fuel token of the gaming ecosystem $BATTLE will be introduced in IDO (Initial DEX Offering). The total supply of this token is 1 Billion.

In order to ensure continuous growth of value over time, Battle Drones has created a vesting schedule to ensure longevity within the token value. The estimated time of the launch of $BATTLE tokens is the middle of the month of May.

The 3D transformation of 2D Battle Drones will take place for the metagame. And finally, the demo of the P2E game will be released in the month of June.

As we know the drones will be fully customizable hence the platform for its customization will be introduced in this phase. And the release of Marketplace will occur in this phase.

Phase 3 (Upcoming)

The game can be played in two modes, PvE (player versus environment) and PvP (player versus player). The release of the first mode, PVE will take place at the start of this phase.

From here the journey of earning rewards will start for the members and the players. Various types of community game competitions and POAP Rewards will be given to the winners and the participants.

The Second mode of the game which is PvP will be introduced in this phase the estimated period of this event is October.

Also, there will be a staking pool for the holders of NFT. and the NFTs on staking will yield a reward in terms of their utility $BATTLE Token and FlyBucks $FLB Tokens.

A new collection of items for the customization of drones will be dropped in November and at the end of the year, the New PvP arena mode for the gaming will be launched.

The Battle Drones NFT and the P2E Game

The Battle Drones NFT

A first level is a group of particular artworks, designed with the aid of using hand and programmatically generated from over 2 hundred unique assets.

Each drone is its personal NFT and a social media blue-chip inside the gaming space. The layout is unique in lots of ways, inclusive of more than one drone element and an avatar.

As every NFT is significant and unique, you may discover a plethora of combos among the avatar piloting the drone, the drone itself, and a mixture of the two.

Each drone component belongs to an in-game production company enterprise that presents every characteristic with particular in-game mechanics, permitting gamers to customize their drone now no longer handiest for visuals but additionally in-game mechanics.

All 2D artworks will be developed into high-fidelity 3D metaverse assets upon the release of our metagame. We aim to add utility to every NFT through the following:

  • A P2E game
  • Drone customization
  • Drone marketplace
  • Participating in Battle Drones ecosystem
  • NFT staking

The NFT will collaborate with other projects that allow PFP holders to play as their favorite characters within the metagame. 3rd party characters will now be able to join the Battle Drones ecosystem, thereby allowing more players to take part.

As an example, there is Super Smash Bros., a franchise of crossover fighting games that combines popular franchises (e.g., Mario, Donkey Kong, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, etc.).

P2E Game

PvP mode gets a Battle Royale shooter update. The three-dimensional dynamic offered here is completely unique and unlike anything foundoduced.s 3D dynamic allows gamers to exploit new and innovative gameplay scenarios.

As of now, the team is already investigating ambitious ideas to incorporate into the game mechanics. A tower defense game mode where players will have to help defend in-game structures from hordes of enemies. A drone racing game mode will be introduced.

Security and the Blockhain


Many people are scammed by different methods every day.The Battle Drones team wants to remind everyone to be careful of scams. The both pre-sale and public sale will take place on the mentioned date and time.

Keep a distance from links in DMs. And never share your phrase keys of wallets with anyone. If you get any link on DM. Just report them in their Scam Alert channel on the discord Channel.

Why Solana Blockchain is selected?

The team has chosen the Solana Blockchain because of the following reasons:

  1. Solana blockchain is mainly designed for gaming purposes. In the gaming ecosystem, there is a high demand for transactions and fast processing speed. Solana platform runs on powerful nodes that allow a fast transaction in a few milliseconds.
  2. The affordability of this blockchain makes it more useful for the gaming environment. It uses PoS in spite of Pow. It has a relatively low gas fee as compared to other blockchains.
  3. Solana blockchain produces fewer carbon footprints as compared to other blockchains. As we know blockchain is based on cryptography so it requires powerful computers to process a transaction.


you can use any Hot wallet for the minting process. The list of supported wallets is listed below:

  • Phantom
  • Solfare
  • Sollet
  • Slope

Get whitelisted for Battle Drones

There are very few whitelist places left. But still, you can join their discord for the latest tasks. The NFT minting will be on 21 April and the distribution of the WL token will be on Monday 18 April. 

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