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Stoned Tigers is a collection of digital artworks or simply can say NFT. Stoned Tigers is based on the Solana Blockchain. The total number of 2,222 Stoned Tiger NFTs are to be available for minting on the mint date.

The team has a big upcoming idea and plans to make this project very much successful. We will be discussing the full road map later in this post.

Also, there will be a free drop of Baby Stoned Tigers and Meat tokens to the holders of the Stoned Tiger. Basically, Stoned Tiger is a P2E (Play-to-Earn) project in which NFT holders can play and earn rewards in the form of tokens. Each Stoned Tiger can be used as a character in the upcoming game.

Supply and Mint

The official launch of the rarity-based NFT collection of 2,222 Stoned Tigers will allow holders to get exclusive Rewards in the future for sure.

Minting Date:- 20th of April 2022 is chosen as the mint date.

Mint Time:- To satisfy all the time zones 14:20 GMT is selected as minting time.

Whitelist:– A total number of whitelists is 110 and each whitelisted user will get a Free NFT on the mint date. Although there is a very small number of places are left. To get whitelisted keep reading.

Supply:- A total supply of Stoned Tigers is 2,222 ( 110 for the whitelisted and 2,112 for the public mint.

Mint price:- The reasonable price of 1 Sol is being fixed for minting. (They suggest keeping an extra 0.05 Sol for the blockchain gas fee).

Limit of minting:- Users can mint as many Stoned Tiger as they want until the stocks last. But one at a time.

The minting process will take place on the official website of Stoned Tigers when the counting timers hit 00:00:00.

Listing on Secondary Marketplace

The team is trying its  outstanding to list this on some essential marketplaces and the exchange of Stoned Tigers NFTs is supposed to be started after the entirety of the minting technique successfully. Initially, they will be able to be indexed on &

The minting process will be happening on their website when the countdown timer ends.


However, you can join their Discord and follow the Twitter page for the most recent update.

The Complete Roadmap

The Surf-Trip

The mint of 2,222 Stoned Tigers will be happening on the official website of Stoned Tigers for the mint price of 1 SOL. After successful completion of the minting process, they will be choosing 6 (5+!) lucky holders among the NFT holders. They will sponsor a trip for 6 Lucky winners to the Surf-camp in Carcaveios, Portugal ( 100% financed by the team).

5 holders of the original Stoned Tigers NFT collection will come surf with us. The 1 winner left will be chosen from the owners of the Stoned Tigers Surfboards collection.

The occasion can be 100%-financed and blanketed via way of means of us, which include traveling/housing/food & different expenses.

Free Baby Stoned Tigers Airdrop

Baby Stoned Tigers is a very cool collection of Minor Stoned Tigers. They will drop 2,222 baby stoned tigers directly to the holders of the Stoned Tigers NFT. Afterward, they will be dropping more tokens. So, just calm down and don’t hurry to sell the Stoned Token.

Free Meat Tokens

A token named MEAT will be launched by them and it will be the currency of their P2E weed-farming Game.

A total amount of 1125 tokens will be dropped to the each of holders who holds both collections,(i.e Stoned Tiger NFT and Baby Stoned Tiger NFT collection). This MEAT token will be used to turn the Baby Tiger into an adult Tiger.

The total of the MEAT token is 5 million. And 50% of the supply will be allocated to the community. The remaining will be kept for:

  • Activities and governance within the game
  • Creation of the tokenomics inside of the game
  • Provide a pair of cryptocurrencies so that liquidity may be created and they can be exchanged on the crypto market
  • Its DAO will vote on the percentage to be allocated to non-profit organizations dedicated to tiger conservation


Feeding a Baby Stoned Tigers

Feeding of Baby Tiger is nothing but a mechanism that burns the MEAT token, which will upgrade you to 2nd collection.

Feed your infant Tiger with the MEAT token by burning 120 of them, you`ll be capable of improving your collectible.

This will lessen the full MEAT token delivery and make the Baby Stoned Tigers collection fantastic rare. Once +70% of the babies are upgraded to the brand new series, The P2E game will cross live!

The Play to Earn Game

The three-dimensional Play-to-Earn games are primarily based totally on the Solana block-chain with its very own economic system and governance incorporated into it!

In the weed-farming game, you’ll be capping a position to shop for land and construct any kind of assets on it (shops, fields, houses, etc.) from our samples, or you could layout them yourself, through the use of our templates.

Players may also be capable of making alliances, creating their very own logo and franchising it, promoting exclusive traces of weed, and monopolizing the market. If you very own a Stoned Tigers Surfboard, you could additionally vicinity it in your land!

Only folks that very own a Stoned Tigers NFT could be capable of playing the game. Originally, there could be only #4444 spots, however it’d alternate if their network will need to expand.

Security, Blockchain, and Wallet


Many people are scammed by different methods every day. So the reduce this scam they decided to keep the minting process on their official Website. Also, their minting link will be revealed at the time of Mint.

Keep a distance from links in DMs. And never share your phrase keys of wallets with anyone. If you get any link on DM. Just report them in their Scam Alert channel on the discord Channel.

Why Solana Blockchain is selected?

They have selected the Solana blockchain because of the following reasons:

Affordability:- Solana blockchain is specifically designed for gaming purposes. In the gaming niche there needed a high transaction speed, fast processing power, and low gas fee. In this P2E game this blockchain plays a big role in transactions of NFT assets, tokens, etc

Airdrops:- Low gas fee make the community able to do frequent airdrops and giveaways.

Environmental Concerns:- Solana blockchain produces fewer carbon footprints as compared to other blockchains. As we know blockchain is based on cryptography so it requires powerful computers to process a transaction.


Using a Phantom wallet is highly recommended, however, you can use other Hot wallets too for the minting process.
The list of supported wallets is listed below:

  • Phantom
  • Solfare
  • Sollet
  • Slope

You can go through the full steps of the minting process from here.

Get Whitelisted For Stoned Tigers

You can get a whitelist in many ways. Although there is a very small number of whitelist places left you can get one of them by doing some simple tasks.

  1. Just advanced to LVL 10 in their discord and be helpful to the community members.
  2. Follow their Twitter.
  3. Can make fanarts and memes.

If you get whitelisted then you must do 3 tasks to stay on the whitelist

  1. Be an active member of Discord.
  2. Follow them on Twitter.
  3. Participate in community-based activities.

About Team

[Founder]:- Viktor
[Co-funder] :- Ana Maria (Aninhas)
[Artist] :- Miyato
[Video editor & animator] :- Pavel
[Community leader] :- Daniil & J3nn1B33
[Creative Director] :- CeePlus
[Moderator] :- BIGWilly

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