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Unlock the Power of NFTediz: Explore the Collection to Earn $MEDALS

Introducing NFTediz

NFTediz is an awesome-looking and utility-based collection of 10,000 NFTs among which 7,900 is mintable on the Solana Blockchain. The Holders of this NFT will get various benefits based on the staking period and rarity of the Tediz obtained.

$MEDALS is the ecosystem token that will be used to give multiple rewards to the holders of the NFTediz. By staking your NFTediz holders can earn a steady passive income in $MEDALS. Which may be further burned for the exchange of other NFTs on their website.

The W

Stay tuned for updates on the official launch date of NFTediz, where you can participate in their mint process and secure exclusive NFTs. Prepare yourself to embark on an immersive journey within the NFTediz universe by joining their vibrant community-driven NFT project.

Discover an innovative way to connect and meet people online while enjoying the numerous benefits offered by your NFTediz collection. Keep an eye out for further announcements on their official

Supply and Mint Details

The total number of NFTediz is 10,000 but only 7,900 will be available for mint. The remaining NFTs will be redeemable FREE using $MEDALS. which allows the holders to get various exclusive rewards in the future.

Mint Date:- To be Announced (TBA)

Mint Time:- TBA ( Stay connected this will be updated)

Whitelist & OG:- The Whitelisted members and OG members can be able to mint in the presale for a discounted price. Although the exact number of these roles is not revealed yet. The WL and OG role can be taken by performing some easy tasks, keep reading to know more.

Supply;- The total supply for mint is 7,900.

Mint Price:- The price of mint will be announced soon.

Limit of Minting:- One with OG can mint 1 at a discounted price. WL role holders can mint 2 NFTs in presale. However in public mint, one can mint any number of NFTediz until the stock lasts.
Listing on Secondary marketplace:-
The passionate NFTediz team is committed to maximizing the exposure of their collection by listing it on prominent marketplaces. Once the minting process is complete, trading of NFTediz NFTs will commence. The initial listings for NFTediz will be available on Magic Eden some more renowned platforms in the NFT space.

Collage NFTediz

The Story of Tediz and Commencement of NFTediz

The Epic Battle: Tediz vs. Dark Wolves

In this captivating world, two dominant species, the Tediz, and the Dark Wolves, have emerged as the apex predators. The Tediz embody valor, honor, and unwavering loyalty to their community. On the other side, the Dark Wolves have become ferocious beings, driven by a thirst for power and technology to fuel their aggressive nature. Their ongoing conflict over territory and technological supremacy has spanned decades.

Unveiling the Location: The Mysterious Island

Recently, a Mysterious island has been discovered, emanating a mesmerizing blue glow from its core. Curiosity piqued, the Tediz have dispatched a courageous expedition of 2000 soldiers to unravel the secrets hidden within the island’s depths. With a desire to uncover the intentions of their formidable enemies, they venture forth into the unknown.

Operation Rescue: A Daring Mission

Responding to the urgent need for a search and rescue mission, a specialized division has been assembled. Their objective: to save their fellow Tediz soldiers who have gone missing on the mysterious island. Amidst a tumultuous battle, the team makes a daring landing on the island’s beach, prepared to face a relentless onslaught from their adversaries.

Captives of War: The Tediz Imprisoned

Following a fierce confrontation with the Dark Wolves on the island’s beach, the missing Tediz expedition is located. Trapped in a nearby facility, they await an uncertain fate as subjects for research. The Tediz refuse to abandon their comrades and will stop at nothing to liberate them from their captors, igniting a new chapter in their struggle against the Dark Wolves’ relentless pursuit of power.


There are 4 different seasons of Roadmap. Here we will discuss only season 1. The information regarding the other 3 will be updated as soon as the team reveals it.

Season 1

Roadmap NFTediz
  • The minting of 7,800 collections of NFTediz will happen on their official website.
  • The staking system will be introduced for the holders of NFTediz
  • Holders can earn $MEDALS by staking and performing a different task
  • The Setup of the Armory and the Stimpack smart contract mechanism will take place. 
  • The collection of 2,000 rescued NFTediz will be redeemable free for the exchange of earned $MEDALS at the cost of 1750 $MEDALS per NFT.

Earning $MEDALS: Unlock Rewards for Staking NFTediz

By staking your NFTediz on the platform, you can earn $MEDALS, the in-game currency that holds significant value in the NFTediz storyline. Each NFTediz NFT you stake will earn a specific amount of $MEDALS based on its rank and rarity.

These SPL tokens, residing on the Solana blockchain, will be visible in your connected wallet. As you accumulate $MEDALS, you’ll gain access to exciting opportunities within the game.

**Note: SPL tokens refer to tokens built on the Solana blockchain.**

With a maximum token supply set at 25,000,000 $MEDALS, the value and utility of $MEDALS will continue to grow as the game progresses. Prepare yourself for an immersive journey and start earning $MEDALS today by staking your NFTediz on

The Armory and Stimpacks

The Armory: Unlocking In-Game NFT Items

The Armory serves as the central hub where players can acquire a variety of valuable in-game NFT items. This marketplace will offer unique items that can be purchased using $MEDALS, which play a crucial role in advancing through the roadmap and delving into the mysteries awaiting discovery on the Island.

$MEDALS, the designated currency, will be required to unlock and acquire NFTs from The Armory. These items hold the key to progressing to the next phase of the game and embarking on exciting adventures on the Island.

Stimpacks: Boosting NFTediz Production


Enter Stimpacks, available for purchase exclusively in The Armory. These potent items enhance the production rate of your staked NFTediz $MEDALS, providing a much-needed edge in the ongoing conflict.

The Stimpacks can be acquired by exchanging $MEDALS for it.The overall supply of Stimpacks is limited to 10,000 units, with one available for every NFTediz in circulation Stimpacks come in four different rarities: common, uncommon, rare, and legendary. Each rarity level corresponds to increasing benefits, with the most rare versions offering the greatest advantages.

How to get Whitelist?

Join the discord of NFTediz to get a current task to get a whitelist.

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