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Swanky Harpy NFTs: The Dating DAPP

Introduction to Swanky Harpy

Swanky Harpy is an exciting NFT collection on the Solana blockchain. Created by a talented team of artists, it features 7,777 unique and handcrafted NFTs with different traits. This collection is not just visually good but also offers practical benefits to its holders.

Although the specific launch date for Swanky Harpy is yet to be announced, it will be the first release from this project. Unlike traditional dating apps, Swanky Harpy is a community-driven decentralized application (DApp) that aims to revolutionize online dating.

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As a Swanky Harpy NFT holder, you’ll enjoy various rewards and advantages. One can get a Swanky Harpy NFT through their mint process which is going to happen soon on their official website.

Stay tuned for updates on the official launch date of Swanky Harpy. Get ready to dive into an immersive NFT universe and join a vibrant community-driven DApp dating app. Discover a whole new way of connecting and meeting people online while enjoying the benefits of your Swanky Harpy NFTs.

Minting Details of Swanky Harpy

The total number of Swanky Harpy NFTs is 7,777 which allows the holders to get various exclusive rewards in the future.

Mint Date:- To be Announced (TBA)

Mint Time:- TBA ( Stay connected this will be updated)

Whitelist & OG:- The Whitelisted members and OG members can be able to mint in the presale for a discounted price. There is total 700 WL places and 77 OG roles. The WL and OG role can be taken by performing some easy tasks, keep reading to know more.

Supply;- The total supply of Swanky Harpy p is 7,777.

Mint Price:- The reasonable mint price of 7.7 SOL is fixed for the public sale and a discounted price of 5 SOL is fixed for the presale.

Limit of Minting:- One with OG and WL role can mint 2 and 1 NFTs in presale. However in public mint, one can mint any number of Swanky Harpy NFTs until the stock lasts.

Marketplace Listings of Swanky Harpy Text Here

The Swanky Harpy team is dedicated to maximizing the exposure of their collection by listing it on prominent marketplaces. Once the minting process is complete, trading of Swanky Harpy NFTs will commence. The initial listings for Swanky Harpy will be available on Magic Eden and Opensea.

To participate in the minting process, visit the custom website on the specified date. For more detailed information, consider joining their Discord community.

Discover the captivating world of Swanky Harpy, where unique NFTs await. Stay ahead of the latest updates and immerse yourself in this exciting project by exploring their presence on popular marketplaces.

Dating DApp

Decentralized dating DApps on blockchain networks offer a better way to date compared to traditional apps. They give you more control and privacy while ensuring security.

With a decentralized dating DApp, you can chat securely and verify the authenticity of other users. Fake profiles and scams are less common, making your dating experience safer.

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The blockchain technology used in these DApps makes everything transparent. Interactions are recorded and cannot be changed, so you can trust the information and profiles you see.

Another cool thing about decentralized dating DApps is that they often offer rewards. By actively using the app, you can earn tokens or special perks, making it even more fun to connect with others


Q1 - Q2 (2023)

– Establish Social Media presence (Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Linktree, Gitbook) (Completed)
– Team Hiring (Graphics Designer, Community Manager, Developer, Artist, Story Writer) (Completed)
– Establish Story Folklore (PART 1, PART 2, PART 3, PART 4) (Completed)
– Gitbook Establishment (WhitePaper) V1 (Completed)
– Gitbook Update (WhitePaper) V2
– Release Swanky Harpy Website
– Release Swanky Harpy Business Deck
– Swanky Harpy NFT Community Establishment
– NFT Marketing Campaign
– Swanky Harpy Presale
– Swanky Harpy Public Sale

Q3 - Q4 (2023)

– Structural Planning of DAO Program
– Planning Rules
– Setting Guidelines
– Official Release of DAO Program
– Legal Frameworks
– Start Work on Comic Book Series
– Start Structural Planning on Dating DApp

Q1 - Q2 (2024)

– Hiring additional Team (Blockchain Developers, Backend Developer, Smart Contract Developers, Graphics Designers, Frontend Developer, App Developer
– Finalizing Comic Book Series
– Launching Comic Book Series
– Hiring a Corporate Lawyer
– Developing Dating DApp

Q3 - Q4 (2024)

– Dating DApp Website Launch
– Launching Our LLC or INC.
– Revenue Model Development for Dating DApp
– Testing Dating DApp

Q1 - Q2 (2025)

– Major Marketing Campaign
– Official Mobile App (iOS or Android)
– Launching Dating DApp
– Finalization of Merchandise Program
– Launch of Merchandise Program
– Planning the launch of the Lucky Raven Program

Please note that the specific dates for these milestones are to be announced. Stay tuned for updates on the progress of the Swanky Harpy project.

Benefits of Holding a Swanky Harpy NFT

1) Community Divergence

Creating a diverse community is a priority for their NFT project, as it promotes inclusivity and representation within the digital ecosystem. By uniting individuals from various backgrounds, cultures, and experiences,

They aim to establish a platform that truly represents the diversity of the real world and caters to a wider user base. Through initiatives supporting underrepresented groups, mentorship programs, and other inclusive efforts, their goal is to cultivate a welcoming and supportive community for all individuals.

2) Free Comic Book Drop

As a special gesture of gratitude to their NFT holders, they are providing a complimentary limited edition comic book. This exclusive reward features beloved characters from their series, along with unique stories and artwork. A coveted addition to any comic book collection, it serves as a sincere expression of appreciation for the support received from their valued community of collectors.

3) Exclusive access

Holders will enjoy exclusive access to special content and features, including early product beta access, behind-the-scenes updates, and entry into a private community. These privileges demonstrate appreciation and foster a strong sense of belonging among dedicated supporters.

4) Free Merchandise

The team is providing brand merchandise like T-shirts, Stickers, etc to the holders and supporters. The members who are truly supporting the project to provide support to the project and the community will get these

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Get Whitelisted in Swanky Harpy’s Kingdom

To get a whitelist role in Swanky Harpy by following the process.
1) Join Swanky Harpy Discord.
2) Follow their Twitter and like and retweet the recent pinned tweet.
3) Now, Join their discord and go to the WL Proof Channel.
4) Submit the screenshots and proofs of it to get Sat rank.
5) After it open a ticket and get the WL role.
6) After getting submitted your Solana address in the wallet submission.
7) Stay active in the community and help them to get OG.

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