Tittle Ordinal Lands

Ordinal Lands: Burn to inscribe on BTC

Introducing Ordinal Lands

Ordinal Lands is the unique collection of 888 NFTs on the Ethereum Chain. These NFTs will further burn to inscribe on the BTC chain, giving rise to the name of Ordinal Lands.

It is not simple NFTs like others all collection of 888 NFTs consists of different traits. There are 422 multicolored stations, 30 Moon Base Stations, 3 different cores with 138 stations each, and 8 stand-alone fringes with unique appearances. A combination of these traits in a certain ratio gives the uniqueness of Ordinal Lands.

How one can get the Ordinal Lands?

The minting of  Lands is quite simple like other NFT minting. Ordinal Lands are currently on the Ethereum blockchain. There is a total supply of 888 lands that will be available to mint and after that, it will also be available to trade on marketplaces. The minting details are given below.

Starting Date of Mint:- 17th Feb 2023

Ending Date of Mint:- Till the supply lasts

Time of  Mint:- 11 AM UTC

Mint price:- The suitable price of 0.023 ETH is decided for minting

Total supply:- The total supply is 888 Ordinal Lands

OG & Whitelist:- There is an OG role available in discords that will help to get an Ordinals Land easily. 

Limit of minting:- There is no minting limit. One can mint any number of Lands from one address. 

Minting website:- https://ordinallands.xyz/

The minting process will take place on the custom official website of Ordinal Lands.

Listing of Ordinal Lands on Secondary Marketplace

Team members are working hard to list the collection on major marketplaces. Following the minting process, the trade of collection is to commence. The collection of Ordinal Lands is initially available in Opensea. Reveal of the lands will only take place after complete minting. Although holders can trade their NFTs on the marketplace before completion of minting.

The minting process will be happening on the custom website on the said date. For further info join their Discord.

Opensea Marketplace:- https://opensea.io/collection/ordinallands

Ordinal Lands Collection


Pre-Mint Roadmap

The first and foremost work of this phase is to make a strong community. They will make a strong community on Twitter as well as on Discord through various promotions. After that, the minting of Ordinal Lands will take place.

Post-Mint Roadmap

This phase will active just after the completion of the minting process. When the mint will over, the Lands will be revealed and the full trading of the NFTs will be possible on the secondary marketplace.

  • The team has decided to redesign the official website of Ordinal Lands according to the latest setup in the crypto market of BTC Ordinal NFTs. 
  • As the project is made for the BTC blockchain so in this step the burning and  inscription of NFTs on the BTC network will take place.  
  • The team has decided to launch its own multi-functioned inscription service on the behalf of the Ordinal Lands. According to the team, this step will strengthen the project financially.
  • To make the community strong and up to the mark they will collab will various projects within and outside the domain of the Ordinals NFTs.
Ordinal Lands Roadmap

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